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God Is Not A Super Hero

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There is a young woman named, Jenifer with a stage four cancer…..I have joined a prayer chain for her.  When you see a beautiful young woman who has lost her hair and is going through the struggle to live many would ask, “How can God let that happen?”  God didn’t let it happen – we did:

We’ve thrown beer cans in the river, and put power lines overhead.

Our lakes are getting greener and the fish are floating dead.

There goes a load of concrete to pave another street.

Won’t be long before there’s no ground beneath our feet.

We call it progress.

We came upon God’s green Earth to plunder and deface,

and when we’re finished here on Earth we’ll foul up outer space.

Strip mine on the mountain cut down all the trees.

Make ‘em into paper for blowing in the breeze.

The litter bags are empty in all our smoky cars.

Our trails are blazed with wrappers from our plastic candy bars.

We call it progress…

We did it. God did not call a prophet to the mountain to give out the formula for polyvinyl chloride – plastic is man-made. So are the phthalates that contaminate everything from teething rings to IV bags.

God did not invent DDT, Agent Orange and Roundup – or any of the other more than 500 toxic substances listed by the EPA as a cause for cancer that are still permitted to be used in essential products we need every day. God did not go into the pharmaceutical board rooms to point out that there is more money in treating than in curing. God never said that taking genes from a frog and putting them in a potato would improve agriculture.  Above all God did not give us the dogmatic neo-Darwin materialistic paradigm that we have allowed to distort our laws, our science, our education and our very concept of reality. We did this. God is not a Super Hero who is supposed to swoop in and save us from the consequences of our choices.  God will help us heal ourselves and our planet, but until we change our priorities we will remain the invasive species. We are our greatest threat to health and life.


Some Things That Bother Me

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  1. It bothers me that the government that tolerated the decadence and filth of the Occupy Wall Street protest and even tried to sneak it into history as something important and spontaneous, is the same government that is trying to breakup the Standing Rock protest. It also bothers me that the news organizations are going from panel to panel repeating the same meaningless dialogue for hours on end like there are issues in the presidential campaigns worth talking about, and totally ignoring the largest gathering of indigenous people in the history of the world. It really bothers me too that my government appears to be in position for another Waco. #

The Race Nobody Wins

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On our planet there is only one race – the human race. Too be a racist one has to be stupid enough to follow a religion or political belief that divides us in hopes of validating a concept of superiority. Give it up! There is one life on this Earth and it is all part of the Consciousness of a Creator who intends peace and harmony. We share that consciousness and that life. Racism is nowhere in our DNA. It is an acquired trait. Indeed, a mutation and a primitive expression of stupidity. Leadership that does not bring us together in the intended harmony is not leadership. It is self-serving deception.


Politics Is the Problem, Not the Answer

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Watched most of the Vice Presidential Debate tonight 10/4/16. I am more convinced that ever before that politics as we know it cannot solve our problems. In deed, I am more convinced that ever that politics as we know it is the cause of most of our problems. Ronald Reagan was one of the best politicians of current history because he was by far the best actor. Politics has a way of defining problems and promising a remedy that never materializes. It is all an act, a promise and clever manipulation of our limbic and parietal lobes. The fact that two people who are wealthy by questionable means are our chosen candidates for our two party system when the polls clearly show that the people do not trust them should tell us something about the state of our union. For most it is not a question of whom to support. It is a question of which candidate to vote against. Neither is desired by a clear majority. Hillary has the support of many just because they want a woman president. Maybe the system demands a woman who knows how to play dirty to be one to crack the ceiling. Voters who are considered right of center are embarrassed by Trump who verbalizes the ponderings of a twelve year old rich kid bully. Top members of the GOP have either turned their back on Trump or given up their self respect to keep the oath of loyalty to the party. Actually, things probably will not change that much with either of them in the oval office. Politics will continue to create problems it can never solve, and people without power will find the strength to be moral and keep the world from falling apart by living their faith.