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I am not political because I really do not believe that politics can solve problems. Yes government can solve some problems and sometimes it stumbles into a consensus that allows it to happen. Mostly politics is “who will control the applecart” and neither side wants to upset the applecart, just control it. Control the applecart and you have access to power and wealth. The zeal of gaining or keeping control has led to some serious splits in our country as we have all been pitted against each other in many ways. To maintain the divide and hold on to the power our political factions have reduced their opposition to caricatures. Surfing the Sunday morning talk shows the left is talking about a right that is the caricature of the right it created, and the right is talking about a left that is similarly imagined to be something that it is not. For sure – the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, or even talking about. Our healing and reunification will come when we stop trying to talk to the caricatures we have invented and realize we all really want the same things. All we have to do is cooperate in making them happen outside politics. Dialogue begins when we stop fearing the fictitious caricatures we have created of each other.




Standing Rock

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If I were younger, I would be there. I am there in Spirit. I never thought Waco would happen. I never thought Kent State would happen. They did happen and so did Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears. The indigenous people know more about life that the secular materialists who are opposing them. We should all be listening to the elders and the grandmothers, The largest gathering of this kind in history should have some meaning. This is not Woodstock people. If we don’t stop it now we may well see the final threads of American genocide as our government forcibly breaks another treaty