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Who Is Perfect, Forever?

Posted by admin on August 28, 2017 in Uncategorized with No Comments

I was hoping somebody would put up a similar post, but I guess I have to do this; as much as I really dislike political comments on social media. It is madness. I read that the town of Delaware will be digging up the bones of a half dozen Confederate soldiers and throwing their remains into a nearby lake. I doubt if those soldiers could have told you what the war was about. Soldiers answer a call to protect freedom, and they never know the corrupt political maneuvers that caused the conflict. Digging up bones is of the same mindset that produced Andersonville and Sherman’s March. It takes us back to Valley Forge where those who ‘gave the last full measure of devotion’ obviously did so in vain. Today’s protestors probably know less about what the Civil War was about that the Confederates who died in Delaware. I will not try to explain it here, but I have one question: Do you think the slave markets in New York City, Philadelphia and other northern ports catered to slave owners in the South. Slavery was no confined to the South. The Southern slaves were set free after the war, but the last slaves set free were in Brooklyn, Connecticut and New Jersey. We tend to change history to make a story that we are more comfortable with. We do the same with our heroes, only to be disappointed when the truth comes out. Our heroes are only people and they all have human frailties of character, imperfections that can overshadow their heroics. If I stood before your statue could there be something in your past that would tarnish your image. I personally have been blessed with adoration among people I have helped, but my closet is filled with things I have said and done that would ruin my image if they were known. Hate, anger and fear are the tools of the corrupt and politically powerful. We have seen the power of nonviolence and we are witnessing the destruction of mob violence. Do you want your life to mean something you can be proud of? Attack slavery. Drugs have enslaved almost every community in this country. Our children are being killed by the drugs and the violence of those who sell it. Tearing down a statue does not change the world or alter history. As a nation we have committed many sins, genocide and slavery are only two. We cannot change what was done, and violence does not keep it from happening again. In fact, it only perpetuates it. As long as we react to the hate, anger and fear we are being fed by the corrupt manipulators we are all slaves to our ignorance. Smashing store fronts and throwing bricks at the base of an empty pedestal will never improve the world. It only enhances the powers of hate, anger and fear.