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Any set of circumstances at any given moment can have an infinite number of outcomes, and the outcome is determined by what we believe.  This book shows us how to channel our beliefs to achieve the harmonious reality that our Creator intended for us.

For centuries Western thought has been dominated by a concept that limits reality to materialism.  The unseen is considered to be imagination and superstition.  Materialism occupies the parietal lobe of our brain, and as a consequence we have neglected the abstract capabilities of our frontal and prefrontal lobes.  However, the old paradigm is beginning to shift.  Quantum physics has been gestating for the required hundred years, and new vines are sprouting in the vineyards of academia.

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BookCoverImageBonesOsteoporosis is at epidemic levels, and this book documents the cause: a corrupt relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and its government regulators. Bless My Bones is filled with simple suggestions for a diet and inexpensive supplements that can help maintain healthy bone mass.

More than half of the women over 50 years of age in the United States will experience a bone break from osteoporosis according to the Centers for Disease Control and other medical monitoring institutions. Bless My Bones explains why osteoporosis threatens so many American women despite the tons of calcium supplements, medications and other remedies they are being given. The book explains why dietary calcium is not accepted by the body for maintaining bone mass. It also shows the dangers of excessive calcium supplementation and the damaging side effects of the most common medications prescribed for bone loss.


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AmberWavesGainWhy are so many Americans fat? This book documents the causes of obesity and identifies the additives in the food supply that trigger weight gain. The cause is political corruption between Washington regulators and the food industry. We may have cheap food, but our doctor bills are draining the treasury.  Medications come with side effects that are often worse than the condition they are supposed to treat.

Obesity is out of control and the cost of health care is literally breaking our bank. Diabetes is an epidemic. Heart Disease, cancer, arthritis and other diseases are increasing daily and obesity is known to be the single contributing factor in these conditions.

The Amber Waves of Gain documents the corruption that has filled our food supply with harmful and toxic substances that force the body to make fat. It also has suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes that will take off the weight and keep it off.

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FrontCover_Reality_cutThe Reality of Self, The Power to Simply Be demonstrates that all living things are connected in a greater consciousness. Every seed sprouts with a purpose and every embryo has an intended destiny. What is the destination for the journey of life? This book shows that the destination is the discovery of self. We are told that we can create our own reality, but unless it is the self that the Creator intended it is nothing but fantasy.

When we find our true self, the one the Creator intended, we find harmony and all we have to do is live, or simply be to serve out our purpose and make our contribution to the Universe. Without your contribution, the world is incomplete. We all need each other in harmony. Or, we destroy ourselves in chaos.

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