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Harmony Circle

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The Harmony Circle

Between August and September of 1983 a scientific study was conducted by Harvard University and Maharishi International University. It involved prayer or collective consciousness. It was a time of intense conflict between Israel and Lebanon. The participants were asked to pray and envision peace or harmony in the region. The study was reviewed by Sage Publications:

The Journal of Conflict Resolution © 1988 Sage Publications, Inc.


“This prospective social experiment tests a new theory and technology for alleviating violent conflict through reducing societal stress in an underlying field of “collective consciousness.” It was predicted that group practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field (the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program) during August and September, 1983, in Jerusalem, would reduce stress in the collective consciousness and behavior of Israel and Lebanon. Box-Jenkins ARIMA impact assessment, cross-correlation, and transfer function analyses were used to study the effects of changes in the size of the group on several variables and composite indices reflecting (a) the quality of life in Jerusalem (automobile accidents, fires, and crime), (b) the quality of life in Israel (crime, stock market, and national mood, derived from news content analysis), and (c) the war in Lebanon (war deaths of all factions and war intensity, derived from news content analysis). Increases in the size of the group had a statistically significant effect in the predicted direction on the individual variables and on all composite quality-of-life indices. The effects of holidays, temperature, weekends, and other forms of seasonality were explicitly controlled and could not account for these results. Cross-correlations and transfer functions indicated that the group had a leading relationship to change on the quality-of-life indicators, supporting a causal interpretation.”

The study showed that as few as one hundred people could have an impact on the activities of a million people through this form of collective consciousness. It was projected that as few as eight thousand people could have a similar impact on the entire planet. That is the goal of the Harmony Circle; to engage eight thousand or more people who will join collectively to change our world. We have thousands of years of history to show us that we will never achieve harmony through armaments and politics. In fact many of you might agree with me that politics and the abuse of power is the cause of most of the problems that threaten the survival of our civilization.

If you would like to join the circle, all you have to do is envision peace and harmony and project your energy of that image into the waters of the Earth. You do this during or at the end of your daily prayers, or at anytime you are in a meditative state and in touch with your spiritual consciousness. There is nothing to join, nothing to fill out and nothing to pay. Just know that hundreds have started participating. The less organized, the greater the spiritual impact.

To be part of The Harmony Circle, simply envision peace and harmony and project the imagery into the waters of the Earth during or after your prayers. Allow the image of peace and harmony to become part of the intentions of your heart. Remember, thought is the most powerful force in the Universe and your thoughts can help change the world.

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