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The Criminalization of Natural Products

Posted by admin on June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized with No Comments

I took note of a couple of things that have taken place recently and found myself deeply disturbed. First, the German government admitted that the E Coli scare that has held headlines for the past few days did not originate on organic sprouts. Anybody with knowledge of food and bacteria knows that E Coli develops in and is hosted by animals. When vegetables carry E Coli it is because they have been contaminated by animal waste matter, usually from the water they are exposed to before or after harvest. The German government admitted that it was an attempt to discredit organic farmers and organic food. I can remember when releasing  false information to the public was called propaganda. Why would a government want to protect people from organic food? Does that help justify looking the other way for years while toxic chemicals have been adulterating the food supplies of the world? Does the word “organic” set off the reptilian brain of bureaucracy and throw it into the protection mode. Obviously they are so sure they are right and that we need protection that they will lie to make it so.

The second incident took place much closer to home when the FDA sent armed agents to raid and shut down a facility making concentrated Elderberry juice on the grounds the company had made health claims. Actually several months ago the FDA sent the company a letter about health claims. The company hired a consultant familiar with FDA policy and rewrote the product description. The company thought that was the end of the matter. Then the FDA swat team arrived. Reminds me of an incident a few years ago when in a similar action the FDA seized and burned books about the natural sweetener, Stevia.

Propaganda, book burning and surprise raids by armed agents. Natural living is getting more  challenging every day. Decriminalize addictive drugs and criminalize organic and natural remedies. Insane! Hey, what about this? Let’s make the FDA responsible for policing illegal drugs. Of course there is always the possibility of the dealers telling the FDA its OK, and then no action would be taken against them – just like the pharmaceutical  medications that kill more than 100,000 people each year. The FDA says they are safe because the dealers said so.

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