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head shotGene was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville. He learned about herbs and the forest at a very early age from his paternal grandfather who was Cherokee and made part of his living coming out of the Great Depression as a wild crafter. Granddaddy Ladd also was a master gardener. Gene learned food preparation from his maternal grandparents who had The Depot Café in nearby Hendersonville. When he left home at thirteen he was an accomplished cook.

He was still in his teens when he had a life-changing spiritual experience and would spend a couple of years as a youth evangelist and street preacher. Around twenty, he discovered radio and found that he could make a living sitting down. He also became a serious student of the Bible and philosophy.

Radio led him to New York where he enjoyed a career of more than 30 years as a newscaster and talk show host on major stations and networks. In the ‘80s Gene suffered a debilitating spinal injury that ended his full time radio career. He returned to the first calling, food. Soon he opened a health food store and became an accomplished herbalist and nutrition counselor. Today he writes and lectures on faith and energy healing. His workshops are described as life changing. Since the early ‘70s he and his wife Lillian have made their home at Pleasant Stone Farm in the Hudson Valley where they raised their two children.

Gene’s books include: Bless My Bones, Why Calcium Doesn’t Work; The Reality of Self, The Power to Simply Be; The Amber Waves of Gain, How the Government Makes Us Fat and his newest release, Prayer and Possibility, The Mechanics of Spirituality.


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